Friday, October 19, 2012

Deltawing Accident at Petit Le Mans

After so much controversy about this car being able to make appropriate turns and after so many test that were ran to be able to run this car on the track, we find out that there has been yet another accident.

This Wednesday driver Gunnar Jeannette was injured in the Road Atlanta crash. The Nissan Delta Wing was stuck in the rear left by a Porsche just as they passed a bridge at the circuit. The car then rolled over until it hit the inside of the wall, after the car had finished rolling the car, Gunnar throws his hands in the air, as if he’s asking  the Porsche driver “why, why?”

From the video that was posted, you can see that the Porsche slightly grazed it a tiny bit, but enough to throw the Deltawing into a huge spill.

To add a little bit of light to this story, the car finished 6th fastest at the end of the day and we are expecting its return to the track. Nissan’s Deltawing is ground-breaking in the racing world, Its half the weight, horsepower and aerodynamics and drag of a typical race car which allows it to burn less fuel and require few tire changes.

Take a closer look at the video here. 

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